Welcome to our Featured Members page, where we highlight members of our family who make ABF more than just a gym. 

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April 2018
This month we’re featuring the rising star, Kristel Lugo, She’s tiny, she’s strong, and she is a staple in the 7:30 PM class. Kristel has only been with ABF for seven months and she’s already registered for her first competition, hitting serious PR’s in the Powerlifting Club, and… Continue Reading
March 2018
This month we’re featuring the extremely quiet and extremely strong, Daria Orlova. Daria will be seen, not heard, throwing serious weight around five to six nights a week. She’s extremely dedicated and passionate about… Continue Reading!
February 2018
This month we’re featuring the always-positive and ever-motivated Kaycee Cholak. Kaycee is one of our unsung champions. She’s our “sleeper athlete”. No, not like taking a nap on the floor, she’s typically in the corner doing her thing and quietly getting better and better. She comes in every day eager to take on whatever “terrible” workout coach has planned. She always pushes her self to go heavier or work faster. She’s made serious progress since she started a little over a year ago. Kaycee is what CrossFit… Continue Reading

January 2018

This month we’re featuring the incredibly active, Chris Welch. Chris is a guy who’s truly dedicated to his fitness. He’s participates in an abundance of activities and challenges himself daily to improve his health. Check out some of the ways Chris is changing his life… Continue Reading

December 2017: 

This month we’re featuring the sweet and innocent Sarah Markussen, affectionately known as “Wass”. Sarah is one of our first members and certainly one of the most well known. Give a squeaky, “oh my gosh”, and anyone will know… Read More

November 2017:

This month we’re featuring the one and only, Robert Swanson. Not only did Robert crush our latest nutrition challenge by dropping 11lbs and 2% body fat in just 4 weeks, but he’s a pretty cool guy as well.

You’ll most frequently find Robert at the 6:30 PM class after his afternoon nap. He’s occasionally sleepy but… Read More

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