Welcome to our Featured Members page, where we highlight members of our family who make ABF more than just a gym. 

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November 2018

CrossFit ABF is proud to announce Fawn Le as Novembers Featured Member of the Month. Fawn’s story starts out with a bit of trepidation. Like many others, she started her CrossFit journey with a free trial. She quickly realized CrossFit wasn’t for her and enrolled in our Bootcamp classes. A few month’s later 3-days-a-week Bootcamp turned into CrossFit and Bootcamp 5 days a week. Now Fawn’s and annual member, she participates in all the gym’s events and frequently brings in goodies for her CrossFit buddies. Fawn’s well known as one of our strongest ladies. In addition to her strength, she’s taken on our nutrition club and is showing serious progress keeping a journal of her diet. Click here for Fawn’s MOM WOD and stay tuned for her story.

October 2018

CrossFit ABF is proud to announce AJ De Los Santos as October’s Member of the Month. Since January of 2016, AJ’s been getting faster, stronger and slightly more attentive. AJ wasn’t aware of how strong he was coming into the gym, having a full conversation about how “heavy” the weight was while he was squatting a couple hundred pounds. He’s since made serious progress with technique. Often the subject of what a lift should look like, AJ’s received praise on his form from boxes he’s dropped into while traveling. AJ’s an avid competitor and has truly embraced how CrossFit is changing his life.
Click Here to view AJ’s story and our MOM WOD “AJ”

August 2018

Say hello to the one and only Acro Yogi, CrossFitting Superstar, Member of the Month – Evie! You might’ve noticed her constantly doing hand stands around the ABF floor. Not only is she extremely talented at CrossFit, but… Continue Reading

July 2018

It’s not often that your mother calls your gym to buy you a membership for your birthday. Unless, of course, you’re Stevie Scarlett. A cornerstone of the 6 AM class, Stevie has taken gym dedication to a new level. From daily Bitch Work sessions since she first started to being a “bad influence” on Daria Orlova, Stevie has shown that her positive mindset is a force to be reckoned with. Get to know July’s Member of the Month, Stevie Scarlett.

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June 2018

Simply put, Chad Welch is a go-getter.

A member for a little over a year, Chad is relentless about CrossFit-ing five days a week. On top of rigorous hours in the gym, he’s even taken up spinning and has competed in several races with his brother, Chris. There may not be a more passionate person in the gym, either. Just take a look around. Those fans on the wall, the axle bar, rainbow pipes, the wall-ball target and even the cool platform we borrowed from Valor? Be sure to thank Chad for all of it.

If there’s someone that deserves to cement his legacy in CrossFit ABF’s Member of the Month pillar, it’s Chad Welch. Get to know June’s MOM with this quick interview!

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May 2018

You don’t have to hang out at CrossFit ABF very long before noticing there are only a couple kinds of apparel brands for our members.

Some wear No Bull Shoes. Most have the – hometown favorite – Unicorn Tee Shirt.

But, are you really a member if you don’t own a shirt with a massive avocado on the front?

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April 2018
Step into a 7:30 PM class at CrossFit ABF and you’re likely to hear squeaky screams from Kristel Lugo. Kristel, like several of her 7:30 compatriots, hasn’t been a CrossFit devotee for long, but that hasn’t stopped her from progressing quickly. Continue Reading
March 2018
While most of CrossFit ABF’s athletes are a little too loud at times, you can always count the quiet, steady demeanor of Daria Orlova.
February 2018

Member of the Month (MOM) Kaycee Cholak wasn’t looking for a second family, but she found one at CrossFit ABF.


Down the Rabbit Hole…

Kaycee’s journey down the CrossFit rabbit hole began when she realized she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted from weightlifting.

“My first attempt at CrossFit was three years ago,” Kaycee says. “I did a few trial classes at a different box in St. Pete. I liked it, but I couldn’t afford it at the time. ”

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January 2018

This month we’re featuring the incredibly active, Chris Welch. Chris is a guy who’s truly dedicated to his fitness. He’s participates in an abundance of activities and challenges himself daily to improve his health. Check out some of the ways Chris is changing his life… Continue Reading

December 2017: 

This month we’re featuring the sweet and innocent Sarah Markussen, affectionately known as “Wass”. Sarah is one of our first members and certainly one of the most well known. Give a squeaky, “oh my gosh”, and anyone will know… Read More

November 2017:

This month we’re featuring the one and only, Robert Swanson. Not only did Robert crush our latest nutrition challenge by dropping 11lbs and 2% body fat in just 4 weeks, but he’s a pretty cool guy as well.

You’ll most frequently find Robert at the 6:30 PM class after his afternoon nap. He’s occasionally sleepy but… Read More

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