Daria Orlova

This month we’re featuring the extremely quiet and extremely strong, Daria Orlova. Daria will be seen, not heard, throwing serious weight around five to six nights a week. She’s dedicated and passionate about her fitness. Daria continuously pushing herself to get stronger and it shows in the results. You may have a noticed a few more tank tops in her wardrobe. She has confidence and we love it!


Daria’s level of concentration may have something to do with her full-time, Marine Biology student status, a photographer, a videographer and being a self admitted “tech geek”. Suffice it to say, ‘attention to detail’ is something that could feature prominently on Daria’s resume. Everyone else may be screaming in frustration at their latest snatch bail, but Daria quickly sets herself back up, analyzes what she needs to do differently and knocks it out.

BuzzFeed and Unicorns

Daria’s CrossFit adventure started like any other person’s journey – BuzzFeed.

“Honestly, I saw a BuzzFeed video about people trying CrossFit,” she says. “I decided to give it a try. It looked really fun.”

Having only started in August of 2017, Daria’s six months hasn’t seen her skip a single week. Healthwise, she noticed some positive changes as well.

“I started to eat healthier and I noticed my energy levels went up. So, I can do much more in one day than before.”

So, how did Daria come across the zany world of CrossFit ABF?

“The first thing that intrigued me was the unicorn logo.”

“Actually” Work Out

The logo may have caught her eye, but Daria made CrossFit ABF her permanent home due to the fact that people come to “actually” work out, instead of “comparing their clothes or talking about friend that recently broke up with someone.”

For any newcomers, she has some pretty sound advice on how to take on CrossFit.

“Really push yourself for the first month,” she explains. “It’s the hardest month, but, eventually, coming will become your fun routine every week.”

Other than that, she says to just have a great time. For her, a strong community and fun workouts – even if it’s difficult to move afterwards – is enough to keep her wanting more.

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