This month we’re featuring the always-positive and ever-motivated Kaycee Cholak. Kaycee is one of our unsung champions. She’s our “sleeper athlete”. No, not like taking a nap on the floor, more like she’s going to kick your ass in a workout, and you’re not going to know what happened until you look at the whiteboard. She’s typically set up towards the edge of the room, keeping to herself, and quietly getting better and better and better. She comes in every day eager to take on whatever “terrible” workout coach has planned. She always pushes her self to go heavier or work faster. She’s made serious progress since she started a little over a year ago. Kaycee is the emobyment of Crossfit. It’s not about being a monster on TV, it’s about coming in each week and putting in the work to make yourself healthier. She’s found a second family at CrossFit ABF and we’re proud to have her as February’s Member of the Month.
Read more about Kaycee’s story “Down the rabbit hole” on our blog.
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