Meet the coaches who make CrossFit ABF a fun and safe place to work out.

Ryan McElhaney is a CrossFit Level II Trainer, USAW Sport and Performance Coach, and CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified. He has been an athlete for as long as he can remember. His father built box jumps and agility courses in the backyard rather, than sending him to summer camps. He’s participated in soccer, track & field, cycling, golf, basketball, paddle boarding, 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and extreme napping.

In February of 2012, he realized that he needed more than what the standard Globo-Gym could offer, so he finally took the advice of a good friend and gave CrossFit a try. He was hooked somewhere between 3-2-1 Go! and the gut-wrenching feeling of never having conquered a workout like this before. Continuously-varied challenging workouts, strong community support, constant improvement, and a proper diet are what fueled his passion to coach and inspire others to share in his success. Two years later he completed the CrossFit Level I Trainer course followed by CrossFit Movement & Mobility.

“I love to coach, it’s the highlight of my day when one of my athletes becomes proficient in a lift or movement and I’m extremely passionate about helping others improve their fitness. I’m also a big fan of any career that promotes flip flops and t-shirts as the standard work uniform… coaching!”

Ryan is married to Linda and they have an adorable puppy named Bella.



Misty Sarlo’s fitness journey began as a Middle and High School athlete. She fell in love with the comradery and community that sports provided. However, after going off to college, she fell into the typical cardio-nightmare fitness routine. After years of doing the same old thing, she reluctantly tried CrossFit on a dare. After 30 days of hard work, Misty witnessed her abilities transform. Then and there, she decided she wanted to help others along their fitness journey. Misty obtained her L1 CrossFit Certification in 2014 and, shortly after, started C3 Athletics with her husband. In 2017, she “married up” with CrossFit ABF to provide BOOTCAMP classes – providing community for people at every fitness level.

In 2015, Misty enrolled in the University of Florida’s Health Education and Behavior Program to further her understanding of the behavioral component of fitness and nutrition. Her passion is to partner with people on their fitness journey to help them achieve whatever measurable goal they have set.



Theresa Clever (Coach T) grew up in northern central PA. Without a whole lot to do in the area, she became involved in sports growing up. Everything – basketball, volleyball, track and field, snowboarding and gymnastics – interested her. Her forte was fast pitch softball, though, and she went on to play for 14 years – from little league to college. Eventually, T picked up and moved to Clearwater, Florida with her husband, Chad (also a CrossFit coach) and her German Shepherd, Sam.

After several months of “peer pressure” from Chad, T gave in and gave CrossFit a “try”. That was 6 years ago. While CrossFit might’ve been the hardest workouts she’d ever done, she enjoyed a completely new way of being active. It wasn’t all hearts and roses, though. With aspirations to compete in figure competitions, T gave body building a try 3 years ago. But, she grew bored with the repetitive workout program and lost her love of going to the gym. She needed something to re-spark her fire. It was then that she reconnected with Ryan, who was preparing to open up CrossFit ABF, and she came crawling back to the sweat and chalk stained floor.

Coach T acquired her L1 Trainer Certification in May of 2017, but she has a long history of involvement in sports. Her 10 years of working experience in Radiology has given her an supreme understanding of human anatomy and the inner workings of the body.


Luis Ramos, born in Hartford, Connecticut, now resides in Clearwater, Florida with his wife and four children (who range from 16 to 4). Luis played 4 years of college baseball before earning his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. He now puts his degree to use as the Belleair Elementary PE Teacher.  While Luis has been a Private Trainer for 4 years, he recently merged into CrossFit and has now added a combination of modalities to his programming – incorporating isolation movements and high-intensity exercises to help clients achieve their goals. Overall, he enjoys seeing his clients challenge themselves as they pursue healthy lifestyles.





Shawn Markussen was introduced to CrossFit when he realized he needed to reach an elite level of fitness during his pursuit to be a USAF Pararescueman. In the Pararescuemen Indoctrination Course, training included running, calisthenics, functional fitness, fining and water confidence (all under extreme intensity of physical and mental stress). He made it through the program’s infamous Extended Training Day, but injury is very common during these training programs. After several fractured bones, he was removed from the course, but he walked away with an invaluable experience in hard work and a passion for elite athleticism, preventing injury, and increasing mobility.

Shawn now spends his days being a real superhero by fighting fires and saving lives as a paramedic. He also enjoys coaching Strongman and elite CrossFit athletes. Shawn’s specialties include: Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and improving movement technique.

Jaime Filer is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Coach and Personal Trainer. She doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks it too, as a competitive CrossFit and Super League athlete. Jaime is also an internationally published fitness model, journalist and motivational speaker with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors degree in Kinesiology. She joined the CrossFit ABF coaching staff because she lives for helping others and showing them just what the human body is capable of when you put it to the test. As a teenager, Jaime struggled with an eating disorder, so she knows first-hand how quickly your mind can turn on you. Jaime works with her athletes not just on a physical level, but on an emotional and intellectual one too, to help them become the best they can be.

Morgan Potter, born in Sarasota, FL, Morgan grew up playing sports. Her brothers’ interest in basketball led to her passion for the sport, where she played throughout grade school. However, when she moved to Tallahassee for college, she wanted to try something new. In 2013, Morgan walked into a CrossFit Box and instantly fell in love with the sport and community. She knew CrossFit was a discipline where she could not only be competitive, but also grow as an athlete. She obtainer her L1 Certification in 2017 and now helps other athletes achieve their fitness goals. Watching their progression both inside and outside of CrossFit has deepened not only her passion for the sport, but coaching itself.

Nicola Saner grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where fitness is a way of life and the sharks are plentiful. Having made the provincial team in High School and placing third at Nationals in sculling, she began rowing for the University of Cape Town as co-captain of the women’s team. She moved to the US in 2007 after accepting a rowing scholarship to the University of Miami, where she captained their women’s rowing team. She even went on to become an assistant coach to the novice crew. After graduating, Nic moved to St. Petersburg, where she works in finance.At the time of her move, Nic was focused on long distance running, but found that to be too solitary combined with a desk job. At the behest of one of her coworkers, she gave CrossFit a try and has never looked back. Nic completed her L1 Certification in June of 2018. She has two adorable cats and will show you an unbelievable number of pictures of them if asked.

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