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I am a stay at home mother of 3 with a definite passion for life, food and health. After my second child I decided to change my family’s eating habits in order to give our family the best chance at a long and healthy life. Ever since that decision, I have been reading, researching and cooking every day. We lived in Asia for four years where I took cooking classes to expand my horizon. I am constantly trying new things and ingredients and stay current on all the newest concepts, diets and way of life.


If your obstacle to a healthier life is “I can’t cook” – LET ME HELP YOU!!




  • Shopping – where to go and what to look for
  • How to cook healthy food from scratch
  • Coaching to live a healthier life and eat better


Planning a meal – for 1 person or a party of 10

Prepping meals for the week

I can accompany and share with you when and why to use different vendors to maximize your budget at different stores: Whole foods vs Costco vs Local(Veggie/Fish/Meat

You don’t need to know how to cook, I will teach you basic techniques and let you know how easy it is to be more adventurous and exotic.

I will come to your house so we can work with what you have or you are welcome in my kitchen (Seminole, Florida)


Also Offering Cooking Classes Specializing in:


  • Healthy cooking: tips to make your meals healthier, portion control
  • South-east Asia food: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore…
  • Eating well: where to start, sharing of my resources (books, links, recipes….)


Please call me for more information, my goal is to share and help people have a better life, I did it for my family and I can help you do it for yours.

I am very flexible and will accommodate your needs at very affordable rates

Invites friends and receive a group discount


Contact us now to learn more about Chantal’s Kitchen!

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