It’s not every day that you'll find an amazing coach that not only knows about lifting and coaching, but also genuinely cares about you and your improvement. Ryan has a vast knowledge in mobility, so we always get customized mobility sessions depending on the skill and WOD of every day. He will go through every movement before each activity and then work individually with each one of his athletes and scale it down to meet our needs and skills. Ryan always goes the extra mile to make sure you meet your goals; he’ll run those last 400 meters with you to help you finish the WOD, do those last 10 push-ups, and will encourage you to get those last reps done. Hearing him make little adjustments on peoples' form followed with a thank you or a new PR is a common thing at the box. You not only get a coach when you walk through those doors, you get a personal trainer, a cheerleader, a friend who's not only funny but also can dance. In my 2 years of doing Crossfit, I can honestly say that Coach Ryan is one of the best coaches I’ve had the pleasure to train with.

Maria C.

Not only is Ryan one of the funniest guys around, he's a fantastic coach. He is knowledgable, friendly, and incredibly attentive. Even in a class with several other people, Ryan makes sure to provide individual support and feedback to each and every athlete to ensure safe, quality movements for optimal results.

Jeff G.

Ryan is an incredibly attentive coach, and his sense of humor makes every WOD hurt a little less. I didn't think I would be able to do Crossfit, with my bad knees and my back surgery a few years ago, but Ryan always works with me to scale movements as needed, and keeps a close eye on my form. I've made huge improvements in my fitness with his help, and I can't wait to see how far he can take me!

Brandy C.

Ryan is an excellent coach and trainer. He always has an eye on mobility, form and proper technique. He is patient, but also knows when to safely push his athletes to do things they didn’t think they were capable of. He’s invested in CrossFit and fitness and goes out of his way to give feedback and pointers. His genuine concern, technical skills, knowledge, personality and sense of humor are a winning combination that brings an ‘X factor’ to any workout he’s involved with.

Dan S.

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