April 2021 – Member of the Month Lisa

By Sean 0
Lisa has been an amazing, dedicated ABF’er since she joined a little over six months ago.
She initially joined with the intention of just doing a bit of rowing… Fortunately that didn’t last long. Per Lisa, the other members were so warm and welcoming, she had to try a few CrossFit classes. She loves the diverse community with clients of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.


Lisa wasn’t a very active person growing up. Other than a bit of flag football at church she didn’t participate in sports. She ended up dropping out of high school and running away to Florida when she met her husband. She’s since completed her GHD, been married for 23 years, and has two amazing kids.


CrossFit has turned Lisa into an athlete and she loves it! Her goals are to get her first box jump, wall walk, and ring muscle up. This fitness adventure has been a whole new world for her. She’s now working with barbells and all new terms and movements. She loves the challenge CrossFit provides and the changes she’s seen in her body. She’s now meal prepping and watching YouTube videos on how to improve her workouts.


One of Lisa’s greatest achievements was finally learning how to properly do a basic air squat. “It’s incredible how you can do something over and over and not know that you’ve been doing it wrong your entire life”, she says. Learning new movements and proper technique have lead Lisa to use muscles she’s never used before.


Lisa’s now and empty nester and taking this time to focus on her fitness and herself. She’s even jumped onto the Facebook (after avoiding it for 6 years) just to keep informed of what her gym fam is doing.


Lisa’s favorite quote: (referencing Coach Ryan) “Do I know him? I’ve never met him.”

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