CrossFit ABF Member of the Month – Joey Wheeler

By Sean 0

Joey Wheeler, one of the very first members at ABF, started in November 2015. He joined with Dan as green as could be. Probably hadn’t even touched or seen a barbell in his entire life. And now… he’s the guy running circles around you all while wearing a weight vest.  Joey is a pivotal member of the gym and a huge part of the reason the gym is where it is today. He and Dan forced Ryan to run a Groupon and get the word out on how awesome ABF is to the everyday gym-goer.  And together, they coordinated to improve upon the Groupon and expand the gym even more.

Joey stayed consistent hitting the box 5 days a week for the better part of the last three years. He pushes himself in workout even when he says he won’t. And man, you can really see how that changed his physique.  You’ll never overlook him in his usual uniform of bright, skin-tight leggings, a neon colored hat (most days), and abs you can only dream of.

If you haven’t met him yet, stop by a 6:30pm class and get ready to keel over laughing hearing his quick wit responses to Ryan’s cringy dad jokes.

Congratulate and celebrate our Member of the Month, Joey Wheeler,  with his very….fitting workout.
Little Joey’s MOM WOD
(Member Since 11/20/15)
11 cleans 95/65
20 burpees
15 T2B
11 wbs  20/14
20 thrusters  95/65lbs
15 pull ups
20 Double Unders
15 sit ups
*3 RFT (1 round for every inch of little joey)
*After each round perform a run. Start with 200m, then 400m, then 800m because he’s a grower.

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