CROSSFIT ABF SEMINAR: How to Expect the Unexpected and Defend Yourself Against It

By Corey 568

Written by: Brandon Bair

Imagine this.

Your blood is moving. Your adrenaline is pumping. Sounds like any other WOD, right?

You start to panic.

Now, you realize just how in shape you have to be to get away from the person hunting you down.

The world is unpredictable. There’s tension in social media, the news, politics and – in general – society. People react to situations more violently than ever. Just standing in line at your favorite department store can lead to serious violent outbreaks. We’ve all seen the Black Friday videos.

In many cases, there’s nothing happening to you.  Something might to someone that happens to be standing right in front of you. What would you do if you were forced into these situations?

Could you de-escalate the situation? Could you end the conflict? In short, could you defend yourself? What about your kids or your loved ones? Could you defend them?

You might think that many situations won’t happen to you. You’ll never get mugged. You won’t witness a robbery. There’s no reality where you encounter  someone who cuts you off, gets out of the car with a crow bar and starts walking towards you. That only happens in the movies. If you work a desk job, that might be true. You may never encounter these types of situations while you are at work.

That’s not how life works, though.

You go out with your friends. You go to bars. You go grocery shopping. You go to the Box.

According to NeighborhoodScout.com, the Floridian state average of crimes per square mile is 64. Now, would you like to take a guess at that exact statistic for Largo alone? Go ahead. Guess.

No idea?

I’m going to assume you probably weren’t anywhere close the actual number: 202.

Most people don’t prepare for these situations until it’s too late.

The first step to properly defending yourself – and those around you – is staying in shape. That seems easy enough, right?  As a CrossFit Athlete, your chances are already higher than Average Joe. That’s only the Warm Up, though. It’s time to move onto the next phase of the workout.

It’s time to start your preparation for the WOD – that full-on assault that’s going to put you through the ringer and spit you out the other side.

On January 13, 2018 at 11:00 AM, join the rest of CrossFit ABF in participating in Brandon Bair’s illuminating self-defense seminar. The seminar, which will immediately follow Saturday’s Team WOD, will explain exactly how to end conflict, law enforcement cooperation and how to increase awareness of potential crimes against you. No more victims.

Email Coach Ryan McElhaney at ryan@crossfitabf.com to reserve your spot today.

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