Featured Members Joey and Amber (JAMBER)

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Three Time Fittest Members In The Box!


Incredible! Joey and Amber (affectionately known as JAMBER) embody the idea of commitment, consistency, and continuous growth. The irony is not lost that our three-time fittest members/member’s of the month are part of the LGBGQ+ community which just happen to coincide with Pride month. We couldn’t be more proud of what these two have accomplished and continue to accomplish.


Joey joined us in November 2015, literally one of the first ABF’ers. He started his CrossFit journey a couple years prior with minimal history in sports and almost zero CrossFit knowledge. He was green to say the least. After completing his foundations course and “drinking the Kool-Aid”, Joey found the competitive side of CrossFit. He’s since pushed himself and his teammates through several competitions and multiple podium placements. He’s arguably one of the strongest guys in the gym and he’s always pushing to improve his lifts or metcon times.


Amber gave CrossFit a try in 2017 on a one-off black Friday deal. She committed to a year and never left. Queue the Kool-Aid Man, Ooh yeah! Amber was never overly athletic in her career as a pilot or with her passion as a musician. She’s always been a tiny lady, but she got JACKED with CrossFit. Amber, approaching her 5-year anniversary is the picture of fitness. She’s ripped, she’s counting her macros, and she’s always a person to chase on the leaderboards. Amber’s now moved into a coaching role and leading her peers to better their lives and their fitness. Her passion radiates in her classes.

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