January Member of the Month (Luis)

By Sean 0

Luis has made huge steps towards his health and fitness. His first class nearly ended in defeat. It was one of those typical terrible workouts that leave you beaten and wanting to quit. The entire noon class rallied around him and he refused to give up. Luis was hooked on the fitness and community.

Since that workout, a little over two years ago, Luis has become a staple in the noon class and an occasional guest in the a.m. He’s achieved over 60 PRs, taken ABF to several countries, placed 3rd at the ABF Games, and is registered to compete in his first local competition at New Year’s Revolution.

Perhaps the best example of Luis’s dedication is the extra time he’s putting into his competition prep. Several mornings since registering for NYR, Luis has been coming into open gym hours, working on his technique, and practicing the events.

He’s determined to give everything each and every day. Congratulations Luis, you’ve earned it!

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