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Join CrossFit ABF’s Nutritional Club!

By Corey 0

CrossFit ABF is proud to unveil the CrossFit ABF Nutritional Club, a group dedicated to healthy dieting for long-term results.

Led by CrossFit ABF Owner Ryan McElhaney and Super League athlete and CrossFit ABF Coach Jaime Filer, the club provides a forum to ask questions about healthy dieting, share recipes, provide suggestions and, more importantly, provide support for those looking to improve their nutrition.

A Facebook Page specifically for the Nutritional Club’s participants ensures a singular space for quick communication, but both Ryan and Jaime can set up one-on-one meetings for more detailed discussions.

To join CrossFit ABF’s Nutritional Club or for more information, contact Ryan McElhaney at ryan@crossfitabf.com.

*** While participation in the Nutritional Club is free for CrossFit ABF members, members must show active engagement to maintain their membership. A simple, weekly Check-In process makes this a simple and easy task while also developing a more detailed understanding for Coaches keeping track of athletes’ progress. ***

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