July 2021 – Member of the Month Breezy Shore

By Sean 0
Young Breezy Shore. What an athlete and inspiration to so many who’ve fought similar battles. Born only a few years ago in ’95 she one of our youngest members and quite possibly one of the


strongest. We’re quite confident she moved down from Seattle just to show the rest of the Tampa lesbians how strong she is.


Breezy was one of the up-and-coming rising stars during her early years at ABF. She went into hiding during COVID and even though her Smart Car died, her passion for CrossFit and ABF did not. She bounced around a bit and even tried the evil Crunch before settling back home to this amazing community.


Breezy has a business degree and is working towards becoming a fire fighter. She loves EDM, live music, traveling, and of course cats. According to her girlfriend Jillian, Breezy’s currently working on increasing both the strength in her muscles and the strength of the smell of her knee sleeves. I think we can all empathize with how gross our CrossFit accessories can get. 😊


She gives people so much grace and humanizes being a human which is why she’s so loved and trusted by everyone that grows to know her. She wants everyone around her to succeed even if that means she occasionally must come in 2nd place. She truly has the heart of a giver and always puts others needs in front of hers. We know she will make an amazing first responder and continue to be an inspiration to others.

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