We’re here to work

By Ryan 986

Gyms can be a place to socially gather, talk amongst friends, make new friends, and take the occasional selfie. But when we all huddle up in front of the monitors the clock starts and it’s time to put in some work. The ABF family will do several social events each month. There will be plenty of time before and after class to hug it out. But for the 60 minutes of preprogrammed class, we focus, and get the most out of every component every day.

We post the workouts a head of time so our athletes know how to prepare for the class – what to wear, what shoes they’ll need, what percentage they’ll need for the skill, how to scale the metcon, and approximately how much they’ll hate the coach after the WOD. We want our athletes to get the most out of every minute – they’re paying for it.

CrossFit pretty much means that after a metcon you’re going to need a few recovery minutes on the floor face up. Shortly after you regain consciousness and the color returns to your face, it’s time to decide whether or not to get extra credit work done. We like to encourage all of the athletes to partake in a little extra credit or “Bitch Work” as soon as the floor is clear for the next class. The next class greatly appreciates not having to step over barbells and bodies thrown around the gym while they’re stumbling through that ever-so-miserable first round of the warm up.

We respect each others time and goals. Our members are showing up daily, pouring sweat, and pushing their bodies to make changes. We have a fun, competitive environment, and a strong community to show for it. I couldn’t be more proud of this gym!

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