What to expect from Crossfit ABF

CrossFit ABF is a clean, fun, family environment, that guarantees you’ll get one-on-one personal training every day. We know that CrossFit is challenging and frankly that’s why we love it. It can be intimidating to see the beasts on TV tearing through sets of unimaginable weight and moving with insane intensity. Crazy right!! Well we firmly believe everyone can do it. And we do this by providing from universally scalable workouts contoured to fit every lifestyle and skill level.

Have you never tried CrossFit or never done a HIT (high intensity training) workout? Perfect! You’ll start out in our comprehensive On-Ramp program where you’ll learn all of the basics required to be successful in a CrossFit class. You’ll learn how to scale and modify to your skill level. You’ll graduate On-Ramp with a basic knowledge of kettlebell training, gymnastics, mobility, Olympic lifting, & various barbell movements. Can’t do a pull-up? No problem! Never done a clean and jerk? No problem, we cover it all!

Upon graduating you’ll join the class for the workout of the day. Each day is structured with a warm-up, skill or strength segment, and workout of the day (WoD). You’ll be challenged daily with constantly varying programming and want to come back for more of that pleasant punishment again and again. Each workout is recorded in Wodify to measure progress and improvement. It’s an incredible feeling to come back to a workout you haven’t done in 6 months and completely smash your previous score! This is why we track everything we do. Improvement is infectious!




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