0202 Kids Fitness – Feet Together & Squat

By Sean 0
May 27 2020

CrossFit ABF – Kids Fitness

Metcon (No Measure)



Stinky Feets – Review grab (yes) vs. scoop (no). With a central bucket, scatter at least two socks per child around the playing floor. Upon go, shoeless players begin from any point in a circle about 5 meters away from the central bucket and hop on one leg to grab socks with the non-hopping foot. Kids retrieve and deliver socks to the bucket by using only one-legged hops. Legs and feet (hopping or grabbing) may be switched only at the bucket. Alternately, play can also be arranged as team races to separate buckets using one sock per team.


10 double-arm swings forward, palms up

10 double-arm swings back, palms down

10 single-arm forward each side

10 single-arm backward each side



Teaching box dips using the Movement Skills Muscles On, Strong Tree and Safe Shoulder.

Review and demo box dips between two boxes with fingers pointed to the side to support safe shoulder position. Have kids rotate through and practice. Knees may be bent or legs straight according to strength and relative box size.



2:00 jump rope

5 box dips

2:00 blocked squats

5 box dips

2:00 step-out lunges

5 box dips

2:00 grasshoppers

5 box hurdles


Don’t Touch the Floor – Use a variety of obstacles set up in a large continuous circle. These obstacles have to be climbed/swung over, through, or over under (think “Koala challenge”) without touching the floor. After someone touches the floor, everyone comes into the middle and performs 5 reps of a movement, eg, squats, mountain climbers, burpees.

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