August 2021 – Member of the Month Sarah “Blarah” McCallister

By Sean 0

Sarah is one of a kind, well except for the other Sarah… Since the inception of ABF we naturally needed to clarify which Sarah we were talking too so McCallister adopted the nickname “Blarah”. She’s the dark Sarah, the black Sarah, the tactical Sarah. She earned her ABF credentials working as a loss-prevention officer. There’s literally a video of Blarah dressed in all black, tackling a shoplifter at the register – it’s quite impressive. If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know her, go for it. She’ll give it to you straight and with a smile.

You’ll see that smirk in the gym when she’s hiding her lifts from the coach. She’s great and making sure no one is watching and frequently makes the extra effort to stay hidden. The strategy must be working. Her constant improvement has been overwhelmingly noticeable over the past couple months. She’s recently competed in her first competition at Beauty Is A Beast with Kaycee (Blonde Bear). They were a-ma-zing!

Blarah’s a true OG ABF’er and has been around since before the beginning. She started on a Groupon with a Jeff at our previous gym. Where we all thought they were a couple until Jeff asked Joey if they play for the same team… whoops!

Blarah took a brief hiatus from CrossFit to hatch her adorable son Jacob (“JT”). She’s an incredible mother and frequently brings JT to the gym to play with his new gym buddies. Blarah’s also recently earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology making her the ultimate triple threat – a mother, a thinker, and a badass.


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