September 2021 – Member of the Month Elan Hartnett

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Elan’s tough and tall, but mainly tough. About as tough as they come. She’s been a dedicated member for just over two years and she’s always been one of the hardest workers in our morning classes. Elan took a brief break from ABF in 2020 to get married to Trevor, and along with everyone else it seems, start a family during the quarantine. Their son Cash was born January 2021 and Elan went back to work just one week after delivery.


Elan has completed several Spartan races including the Spartan Beast OCR which is quite difficult and enduring. She plays the highest level of volleyball in non-professional tournaments. She has played since high school. She played indoor in high school and college and converted to beach not too long after graduating college.  


Per Trevor, she’s an amazing mother who always puts others before herself. “She is really an amazing person, wife, mother, friend. She has so much energy. She gets up throughout the night with our son, then gets up early to bring him to daycare, goes to work for 8 hours, goes to the gym, and then walks to pick Cash up from daycare. She makes dinner and still has time to hang out with me.” She loves to cook, always making new dishes and successfully trying new recipes. She’s quite crafty. Elan has repurposed many pieces of furniture in their house by stripping or sanding down an old piece and then refinishing it by staining, painting, and sealing the piece. “She is also an excellent sunbathing tandem kayaker. Meaning that when we go kayaking together I do all the paddling while she sunbathes.”


Along with kayaking she’s very adventurous. Elan and Trevor have explored Iceland, Colorado, the Sequoia National Forest in California, and Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia to name a few. One time while they were in Atlanta a car pulled over with a female driver just to tell Elan that she should be a model. While they were in Colorado Trevor did all the driving. While driving up the mountains there are amazing views but he couldn’t see them as the road was along a cliff. Elan offered to take over driving so he could enjoy the views. After 3 minutes they switched back because she was unable to drive with such a steep drop near them.
Despite her love for adventure, their first camping trip took some convincing. After several months Trevor was finally given the go ahead to book the trip. He packed everything but the kitchen sink into a 10-person tent for the two of them. He was determined to get her to enjoy camping. The first night the air mattress sprung a leak and the second night it down poured and destroyed their tent. Suffice to say that was their first and last time camping.  


Fun facts:

Their first time going out for a drink: Elan accepted the invitation. However, she also invited every friend she had to join making it a much less intimate event than intended.

Elan was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Bermuda. She grew up in Texas where she sadly became a Cowboys fan. (How’s that working out…). However, they now have season tickets and Buccaneers apparel. I expect Elan to be on the Brady Bandwagon before too long.

Elan is scared very easily but ironically her favorite movie genre is horror films.

She has an older brother with 3 nephews and 1 niece.


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