Chris Welch

By Ryan 1


This month we’re featuring the incredibly active, Chris Welch. Chris is a guy who’s truly dedicated to his fitness. He’s participates in an abundance of activities and challenges himself daily to improve his health. Check out some of the ways Chris is changing his life.


Chris currently does CrossFit, yoga, spinning, cycling, swimming, and running. He finished his first ½ Iron Man earlier this year and he’s signed up for another one in March. Crazy! Chris has already lost a bunch of weight and he’s determined to not stop until he hits his goal.


While growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (a “Yooper”) he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He later graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelors degree in Political Science. While in college he joined the ROTC and spent six years overseas in the Air Force as a Captain. Chris spent 2 ½ years in Okinawa Japan, 1 year in Korea, and 2 ½ years in Germany.


He currently holds the purchasing manager position at Magic Tilt and has been with the company for 10+ years. Per his brother Chad, Chris specializes in “beating up vendors on price price price!”


Fun fact: Chris broke his first ever bone riding his bike during a triathlon this year and still managed to finish the race.

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