Sarah Markussen

By Ryan 347

Sarah “Wass” Markussen

This month we’re featuring the sweet and innocent Sarah Markussen, affectionately known as “Wass”. Sarah was one of our first members and is certainly one of the most well-known. Give a squeaky, “oh my gosh”, and anyone will know exactly who you’re imitating.


Wass is an irreplaceable member of our community and she loves her gym. She’s invited several of her nursing colleagues to drop in for a workout and many have become members. Without Sarah we would not have Jill, Jamie, Nicole, Lauren, and Brittney in our lives.


Sarah’s CrossFit career has transformed her into a serious athlete. She’s competed in six CrossFit competitions and has a half marathon under her belt. She always pushes herself in the gym. She’s frequently found with a little bit lighter barbell than she should, however, when she sandbags the weight, she smashes the timer.


Sarah works as a Registered Nurse at Mortan Plan. She studied at Santa Fe College, then Galen College of nursing. Her and her husband Shawn share a cat, Nala, and puppy named Bella. They love to travel and have recently returned from a trip to Scotland and England. Sarah and Shawn love to visit Crystal River and hope to one day have a home there.


Even though she’ll probably say, “OMG I can’t”, be sure to ask Wass to sing her favorite “kitty” song,

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