Robert Swanson

By Ryan 301

This month we’re featuring the one and only, Robert Swanson. Not only did Robert crush our latest nutrition challenge by dropping 11lbs and 2% body fat in just 4 weeks, but he’s a pretty cool guy as well.

You’ll most frequently find Robert at the 6:30 PM class after his afternoon nap. He’s occasionally sleepy but always in a good mood. He’s always one of the first people to greet new members and strike up a conversation; most likely regarding a dad joke. He pushes himself hard every day he’s in the gym and has been striving to become more fit for over a year. When Robert first started he was barely squatting to a 20” box. Now he has a full squat clean and split jerk, and is moving some serious weight.

Along with his dedication to fitness, Robert’s helped several members with various projects outside of the gym. He happily gives up his Saturday or Sunday afternoon to help a friend with yardwork, housework, or liver damage during football season. If you haven’t seen Robert’s magical gardening touch, just pop by his house in Clearwater where his handy work is on display. He no longer owns a landscaping company but the passion and skills are still very apparent in his work.

Robert is currently a deputy at the Pinellas County jail where he’s in charge of telling really bad jokes to trustees as they maintain the jail. Ask him if he sat in powdered sugar… Robert and his wife Eliana have a very sweet and hyper boxer named Lucy.


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