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Jeff Giere

Introducing November’s featured Members of the Month powered by: Valor Fitness, Jenkins Law & Massage and Wellness Spa!


CrossFit ABF is proud to announce Jeff Giere as our November Featured Member of the Month

Jeff is one of the original, founding members of Crossfit ABF joining way back in 2015. And boy has he come a long way! When he first started, he really didn't know much about regular exercise and pretty much stayed attached at the hip with Sarah McCallister.

Nowadays, Jeff has found his true calling in Crossfit as an incredibly proficient olympic lifter with particularly impressive technique at the Snatch. Those hips snap Waaaaaaaaaay open real quick. He's not only a lifter. This guy is fit. He has competed in several competitions from Clearwater Beach Brawl, WOD Wars, New Year's Revolution and most recently in the Pillage of Palm Harbor. His team may not have podium'd, however, all eyes were on Jeff during the last event with the most Jeff reaction to a missing ball of all time. Consider yourself lucky to have him!

He's pretty much a staple at the 6:30pm class gracing us with not only his presence but also his witty, advances at Ryan (We know he wants it). Jeff is a truly unique personality. He has a very tough exterior making you vie for his attention, but he's actually a big softy that loves to dance, laugh and spend time with his gorgeous cats. Seriously, his cats are almost as photogenic as he is.

It may take awhile, but he may give you a chance....if you're deemed worthy. These ladies made the cut....

….but red heads always steal his heart.

I warned you….He’s prettier than anyone you know. Promise.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed all these photos. I know I have! Everyone join me in congratulating Jeff as our Member of the Month by showing up for his MOM WOD. I’m sure it will have a slew of snatches, pull-ups and other movements he looks amazing performing.

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