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Kelly Scanlon

Introducing December’s featured Members of the Month powered by: Valor Fitness, Jenkins Law & Massage and Wellness Spa!


CrossFit ABF is proud to announce Kelly Scanlon as our December Featured Member of the Month

Kelly Scanlon discovered ABF through the 6 Week Challenge. And she hasn’t slowed down. She accomplished the challenge (more on that later) and ultimately decided to stick with us (because we’re so magical). Since then, she’s been a force to be reckoned with and uses classes at the gym as an escape! She even inspired (dragged?) countless friends to try out ABF and drink the kool-aid with her.

Kelly looooooves dogs, and she's got a couple of kids that she adores (as any mother would). She definitely has a huge personality and embraces her red-headed-ness more than even our fearless leader.

If you don’t know Kelly, you can find her in the evening CrossFit Classes around 4 to 5 times a week.

She’ll be the tall red head in head to toe black (with the occasional pop of color) with the biggest smile on her face. She is the physical embodiment of outward happiness. She loves to laugh! Even if you’re not funny at all *cough* Ryan *cough*. She enjoys laughing more than anything, and it’s infectious. She’s the only person in the middle of round 5 of a particularly intense workout you’ll find with the biggest smile on her face. Kelly pushes herself so much, and she’s certainly seen some amazing deserved results. During the 6 week challenge, Kelly lost more than 26 pounds!

We’re so proud of you,Kelly! And we’ve fallen just as hard for you as you have for us! I present to you: Kelly & Crossfit ABF - A Love Story

Congratulations, Kelly, for being our December featured Member of the Month! See Coach Ryan to receive your Jenkins Law, Valor Fitness, and Massage and Wellness Spa prize pack!

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