CrossFit ABF Member Update: New Items on the Horizon

By Corey 0

What’s in store for CrossFit ABF Members…

As you may have realized, CrossFit ABF moved!

We’re now conveniently located right off US 19 in Clearwater in a much larger facility. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Here’s what we’ve got in store for CrossFit ABF Members soon.


For most CrossFitters, there’s nothing that puts you in your place quite like a competition. The grueling, exhausting nature of it tends to point out major weaknesses and faults in any athlete. But, not everyone is ready to hop into the Granite Games or even Beauty is a Beast. For some, it takes time to build up the skill, or even confidence, to sign up for their first competition.

So, we’ve devised CrossFit ABF Leagues to develop that competitive approach, but in a local setting that you’re already used to. Think of it like a local recreational sports league. You’ll join a team and compete against other teams within the gym over a short “season” to declare a winner – capped by a 1-day playoff event.

The best part? It’s FREE.

Look for this to kick off in the early part of next year.


By now, you’ve probably heard of Beauty is a Beast, the annual, all-female fitness competition hosted by CrossFit ABF and Gorilla Fitness.

This year, we’re introducing New Year’s Revolution taking place at Valor Fitness! This new competition on January 26, 2019 pits teams of two (one male / one female) against each other to kick the year off right. Early-bird registration is up now!

In addition, we’ll be doing a smaller expo fitness event in the last quarter of 2018, too! More information on that to come!


This is a big one, folks.

Here’s the thing. Some people enjoy things that you, personally, don’t. Or, maybe you need to work on certain things to improve your capacity in some areas. For example, a minute of biking is about as close to death as I can get. Should work to improve that part of my fitness so I don’t die mid-workout? You betcha.

This is where ABF Clubs and Cycles come in. Clubs and Cycles will focus on certain aspects of the overall CrossFit experience, providing additional instruction in these areas to help you improve. These small groups provide you with a close, controlled environment to practice certain things, instead of having to rush it into your normal CrossFit class experience.

For example, a rowing club will focus on the endurance and technique aspects of the sport. It won’t only improve your fitness, but it’ll improve your normal CrossFit scores, too, as you rip through that 500m row without any difficulty.

Not all these clubs will kick off immediately, but you can look forward to clubs or cycles focused on Rowing, Running, Weightlifting, Nutrition and Gymnastics getting started in the not-too-distance future.

The best part? You guessed it. It’s FREE.


Just like in 2018, we’re focused on improving your fitness in every capacity, which could mean some things that you haven’t even thought about. Whether it’s mobility techniques or ways to loosen up your fascia, CrossFit ABF is committed to expanding your fitness horizons.


Not everyone is an RX+ level athlete. Not everyone wants to be. Everyone has their own unique interpretation of what fitness means to them. At CrossFit ABF, it’s our role to help you realize that interpretation.

During these “check-ups” (roughly every 3-6 months depending on the need), you’ll have the chance to sit down with Head Coach Ryan McElhaney to discuss what your goals are for the foreseeable future. From there, you two can discuss ways that CrossFit ABF can help you attain those goals, whether it’s through goals, nutrition or more. Upon your next “check-up”, Coach Ryan will look at your progress and help you adjust to new goals or tweak your current ones to better suit you.


It wouldn’t be CrossFit ABF without some fun events, right? From working out on the beach to supporting local charities, we’ll make sure your weekends are littered with amazing events.


By joining CrossFit ABF, you’ve instantly joined a community of fitness-focused individuals that like to have a good time. But, it’s more than that. You’re looking to improve your health in every aspect, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. That’s why we’re here – to help you find everything your looking for to become as fit as your capable. We look forward to helping you along that journey.


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