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Say hello to the one and only Acro Yogi, CrossFitting Superstar, Member of the Month – Evie! You might’ve noticed her constantly doing hand stands around the ABF floor. Not only is she extremely talented at CrossFit, but she’s got a whole new perspective on life. Enjoy!

You’ve been spending a lot more time at ABF lately and you’ve been very consistent with your CrossFit? What changed? 

A lot has changed in recent months and it started by getting clear about my values. I took a hard look at how I was spending my time and energy and identified any misalignments 

I made a list of my values (I call it the Get Yo’ Shit Together list or ‘GYST’), then cut out activities and relationships that no longer serve me or support my goals. 

At the top of that list stands ‘Health and Fitness’, which has led me to prioritize CrossFit rather than squeezing it in when it’s convenient.  

Regarding your recent consistency, have you noticed any changes in yourself – either physically, emotionally or mentally? 

It’s amazing the changes that occur when you’re living the life you want to live, rather than conforming to the expectations of others. Positive changes have occurred on all fronts: physical, mental and emotional.  

I could be humble and say physical appearance isn’t important to me, but the myriad of selfies stored on my phone prove otherwise. I don’t obsessively weigh and measure myself, however my clothes are fitting better and I feel more comfortable wearing less of them in the gym. I love tracking my performance in CrossFit, because it serves as evidence that I’m improving. Recently, I’ve even earned PRs in both strength and endurance!  

While I did start CrossFit to reap the physical benefits, it’s become so much more than that. I’ve become more stable emotionally and stronger mentally. I’m comfortable with myself and confident inside and outside of the gym.

I’ve heard you‘re doing a lot of other activities – like Acro Yoga. How has that been going? Do you view those as complimentary to your CrossFitting? Or, the other way around? What other activities have you been doing?  

Acro Yoga is the most recent addition to my fitness regimen, which compliments CrossFit beautifully. Like CrossFit, it’s a community of like-minded individuals who value health, fitness, and personal growth. What I love about Acro is that it not only focuses on physical skills like body awareness, balance, flexibility and stability, but also social skills – things like building trust, communication, and connection with other humans who take an active role in helping others reach their goals.  

I participate in Acro Yoga at least once a week and am constantly learning new skills. If you’re interested in learning more, bug Coach Ryan about bringing an Acro Yoga class to ABF led by yours truly. Also, a group of Yogis get together for an “Acro Jam” every Sunday at North Shore Park. Come find me at the box for details.  

In addition to CrossFit and Acro Yoga, I play beach volleyball almost every weekend and pepper in paddle boarding, kayaking and dancing when the opportunity presents itself. 

Is diet something you focus on? If so, what’s your recommended diet practice?  

Diet is next up on the GYST list, so it’s not yet where I want it to be. Ideally, I meal prep every weekend with natural foods and leave dairy and processed grains off the menu. 

How has your ABF experience been thus far?  

My experience at ABF thus far has been nothing but positive. I knew from the day I walked in this was my home gym. Coach Ryan knows how to make people feel comfortable and welcome by assigning nicknames and making inappropriate jokes, which I appreciate. More importantly, though, he is knowledgeable and makes an effort to learn each member’s capabilities and limitations to ensure proper form and safety. 

The ABF community is also what keeps me coming back. Everyone is so kind and supportive that I feel comfortable being myself while I work on myself. I love the sense of belonging that I feel from this community and look forward to many more awesome experiences with my “fit fam.” 

What’s the role of CrossFit in your life?  

CrossFit, for me, is a catalyst for becoming the best version of myself. It has helped me learn who I am and what I am capable of and this understanding continues to evolve as I become more consistent and passionate about the sport. CrossFit, for me, is a hobby, a coping skill, a social outlet and a way of life.  

You’ve recently brought someone to the gym. What do you say to people who want to get into CrossFit? What’s your advice on how to approach it?   

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t always talk about CrossFit. However, I frequently have people ask me what I do for fitness. My response is often met with, “Oh, I can’t do CrossFit because x, y, and z.” Regardless of their excuses, I encourage people to try it, because workouts can be scaled to all fitness levels and the only way to improve is to start. Yes, injury is possible (as it is with any physical activity), but through proper coaching, focusing on form and listening to your body, most injuries can be avoided and positive changes will come quickly.  


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