When do you click the magical Rx or Rx+ Buttons?

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  • How do I know when to click the magical Rx and Rx+ buttons?
  • What are the Rx buttons and why should I care?
  • Okay, I care. But, can I do partial reps and still count it as Rx?

Sweet, Delicious Carrots

Think of Rx and Rx+ buttons as sweet, delicious carrots that you earn the right to eat and click (sorry for the bad reference if you don’t like carrots).  Rx means you’re doing the workout as prescribed. Rx+ means you’re going above and beyond the standards of “as prescribed” movements and weights.

The vast majority of the CrossFit world scales at least one part of a workout. Fewer athletes can perform every movement as prescribed. Even fewer are able to perform the movements Rx+.

We encourage you to complete as many pieces of a WOD as prescribed. Only scale a weight or a movement when you simply can’t do the movement or you think you won’t complete the workout in the designed time frame.

Clicking Rx and Rx+ means you’ve completed all portions of the WOD exactly as they’re written.

What if you can’t Rx OR Rx+?

Attempting the WOD at the Rx level scaling down during the workout, if necessary, is cool! In fact, it’s encouraged! However, once you scale the movement, the workout no longer qualifies as Rx.

Partial or “shitty” reps do not count as Rx. The don’t even count as reps at all (a good example of a “shitty” rep would be Corey’s Muscle Up).

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Strive for full range of motion and quality of movement in every rep.

Form breaks down with fatigue, but you should always do your best to minimize form degradation. Hold yourself accountable for toes that don’t touch the bar or squats that don’t hit full depth (again, we’re looking at you, Corey).

You’re going have mobility limitations with something. However, as long as the range of motions standards are in your wheelhouse, you should strive to hit them every rep.

If you do 4 rounds of 10 toes-to-bar and on the 5th round you can only do knee raises, the reps are valid but the workout is no longer Rx. If the workout calls for squat cleans but you can’t go below parallel, then the workout should be marked as scaled or the lift should be entered as a power clean.

Hold yourself accountable to hit the standards. It will make you a better athlete and give you a better idea of the weaknesses that need your attention.

Finance Yourself

Imagine paying only 90% of your car payment. The finance department will probably not repossess your car anytime soon, but it’ll take 10 times longer to pay off that vehicle. Your muscles work the same way.

If you stop a squat at parallel, there are specific muscles that never develop. It’ll take longer to get stronger.

Some of us come in, get a great workout and go home. Others compete and want to be at the top of the leaderboards every day (Ryan!). To be at the top of any sport takes an incredible amount of work and discipline.

Take a step back.

Put your ego aside.

Remember. Practice does not make perfection. Perfect practice makes perfection.

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