Stevie Scarlett – A Positive, 6 AM Cornerstone

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It’s not often that your mother calls your gym to buy you a membership for your birthday. Unless, of course, you’re Stevie Scarlett. A cornerstone of the 6 AM class, Stevie has taken gym dedication to a new level. From daily Bitch Work sessions since she first started to being a “bad influence” on Daria Orlova, Stevie has shown that her positive mindset is a force to be reckoned with. Get to know July’s Member of the Month, Stevie Scarlett.

What was it that made you decide you needed CrossFit? Was it a health issue? Mobility issue? Someone else?

I was always interested in trying CrossFit. I heard a lot about it, but thought it was too expensive for me. I was looking for a change and had hit a plateau with my fitness routine. I started randomly scrolling through Groupon one day, came across CrossFit ABF and decided to give it a try.

How did you find CrossFit ABF? What about this gym made you want to give it a try?
After finding it on Groupon, I saw that it was close to work. Most importantly, the reviews about Ryan are what sold me on buying it. Everyone was saying how awesome he was as both a trainer and person.
How do you view CrossFit now? Is it just a work out, or is it something more for you?
I absolutely love CrossFit! When I began the 10 Groupon sessions, I never thought that I would continue it due to financial reasons. After the 10 sessions were up, I knew I had to continue. I’d just have to make it work financially. I have never felt stronger. I keep getting stronger week by week. It has given me more self-confidence and I have a more positive mindset about myself and what I can do.  CrossFit has truly challenged not only the physical aspect, but the mental and emotional one as well. It has been an amazing experience thus far!
Have you noticed your health improve since you started doing CrossFit?
Yes! The changes I’m beginning to see in my body are awesome and I feel better and more energetic overall.
If you could give piece of advice to someone new to CrossFit, what would it be?
Don’t quit! Sometimes, it can be discouraging seeing someone lift more or run faster, but you’re not competing with anyone but yourself. Stick with it. You’ll begin to see how strong you really are and that’s so empowering.
How do you feel about CrossFit ABF’s community?
I have met the best people within the CrossFit community. Everyone has been so positive and uplifting toward one another. No one is there to judge or to make you feel bad about what you can or cannot do. We are there for a common goal of getting fit, staying healthy and having a good time doing it. It’s been such a fun experience!

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