June 2021 – Member of the Month Amy

By Sean 0
What a star! Amy joined almost 4 years ago on a Groupon deal. Fresh from Georgia she was looking for a new CrossFit home. Fortunately she found ABF. She’s made incredible improvements in her fitness and physique over the past four years.


Amy is frequently the topic of discussion when it comes to the other ABF ladies discussing the time to beat, or the lift they’re looking to best. She’s the leanest she’s ever been, just take a look at her amazing before and after photos.


She’s moving fast, setting PR’s, and constantly improving her lifts. She’s embraced the spirit of our sport by working to eliminate her weaknesses.


A few months ago Amy started running and could barely complete a mile without resting. Now she’s keeping up with the Brock and Wass duo, running upwards of 4-5 miles at a time, and has even taken on swimming. She’s recently achieved butterfly pull ups, toes-to-bar, and handstand push-ups.


Amy’s competed in several competitions and is looking forward to her first two-day event later this month. She’s currently on the top of the leaderboard on the ABF games and easily considered one of the strongest ladies at the gym.


Not only is Amy a model athlete, she’s also heavily involved in ABFs’ success. She’s our lead social media contributor at New Year’s Revolution and Beauty is a Beast. She’s responsible for nearly 100% of the cleanliness we all greatly appreciate. And she’s looking to get her L1 in the near future. Suffice to say, we’d probably be lost without her.


Amy’s an amazing part of our community and the Member of the Month spotlight is well deserved.


Thank you for being a priceless part of the gym and we look forward to attacking your MOM WOD in a couple weeks!

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