May 2021 – Member of the Month Adriana

By Sean 0

One thing’s for sure and it’s that Adriana lives in her own world. The 6am class fondly knows of her as “Nasa” or “Narnia”. She even has the Kennedy Space Center socks to match the nickname.

Per her daughter, Mariana, Adriana always says whatever is on her mind. She’s the first one to make the best out of every situation. If something’s not going well, she’ll do everything she can to make it better. If that instance gets better, she’ll try even harder to make it the best. Mariana is extremely proud of her mother and teared up a bit hearing that her mom is our MOM.

Adriana loves to push herself during workouts. She’s at the gym 5-6 days a week, every week. Even though she swears, “I’m going to die”, she still loves to Rx and try to do everything on the whiteboard. She even brags if she Rx’s a workout full of air squats and jumping jacks!

She’s known for giving the dogs way too many treats. In fact, the only complaint is that Coach Tony never gets a treat with Coach Bella.

Adriana’s the kind of lady to give you the shirt off her back. She offered to give up her car for the entire weekend when a fellow gym member wrecked theirs. She earned another nickname, #SpaceAngel.

Our favorite Adriana quote, standing next to her rower after a workout she says, “I’m back”. Adriana where’d you go? “I don’t know but I’m back”. We lost it.

Thank you for being a priceless part of the gym and we look forward to attacking your MOM WOD in a couple weeks!


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