May 2022 – Member of the Month Dorian Murray

By Sean 0

Dorian is a great friend, amazing member, talented fighter, dog mom, and all-around wonderful person.

She’s a natural athlete who was very new to CrossFit. Her kickboxing background quickly kicked in and she’s made huge strides in her new sport. In only a few months she’s developed proficient snatches, clean and jerks, and rope climbs. She’s typically at the gym 5 days a week, determined to improve all her weaknesses.

Her goals include running a full marathon and I’m sure she will not stop until she accomplishes that goal.

Dorian’s made significant progress in her physique goals. She is losing weight, putting on muscle, and has impressive before and after photos to prove it.

She’s made a huge commitment to the gym and plans to be a member for years to come. You can find Dorian coaching kickboxing classes on Sunday mornings and various evenings throughout the week.

We’re proud to have her as a member and kickboxing instructor. We can’t wait to see how she transforms herself in the months to come.


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