April 2022 – Member of the Month Nick Rymsza

By Sean 0
Nick is probably one of the most coachable athletes we’ve ever had the pleasure to train. In his words, “I just do what I’m told” – simple and effective. He is incredibly consistent and dedicated to improving his fitness. It’s rare that you do not see Nick at the 6am class.


He’s made the commitment to CrossFit. He’s only been with us for a few months. He already owns a pair of Nanos and has competed in his first CrossFit Open. He’s gone from needing to take breaks mid-WOD to pushing himself the entire workout without stopping. Welcome to the club buddy!


Nick’s a family man and a sports guy. He has an amazing wife and two wonderful kids. He coaches his son’s little league team (The Cubs) and is very active in his daughter’s baseball team. He’s either working on his CrossFit technique or working on ways to coach and motivate his players. His face lights up when he talks about his PRs, WODs, and box jumps. Nick ran three marathons and two half marathons.


Fun Facts – Nick loves musicals. (Which is aca-awesome!) and he’s won a neighborhood award for Christmas lights. Shine bright Nick, shine bright.

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