February 2022 – Member of the Month Kylie VanCleave

By Sean 0

Kylie – a leader and a rockstar!


Kylie’s been a STAR since birth. She learned how to write by age 3. She asked her mom why she wasn’t named “Star”, then started signing all her preschool papers with her new name. She once led the entire preschool class in singing “Achy Breaky Heart” while they were waiting for their Christmas concert to start.


Kylie started driving at age 14. On the way home from the DMV, she asked what she should do when a car is coming in the opposite direction. When told to just “stay between the lines, she screamed, “I can’t even color between the lines, and you expect me to drive between them”!


She’s traveled all over the world and lived in 7 different states in 10 years. Once in South Dakota, she was so adventurous, running out on all the little ledges in Badlands. She made her father so nervous he made her surrender the car keys to avoid a recovery mission, not a rescue mission.


“Durty Surely” has played in Roller Derby in 4 of those states, including recently signing on to be a St. Pete Derby player, and trying out a banked track for the first time!
Kylie continuously shows that nothing will stop her. She’s passionate about her Derby and works incredibly hard at the gym. She says her goal is “to survive” CrossFit, but I think we can all agree she’s thriving. She climbed Mount Fuji! Congratulations Kylie, you’ve earned a MOM WOD.


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