December 2021 – Member of the Month Brett Bond

By Ryan 0
Brett, originally from Maryland, enjoys fishing, golf, paddle boarding, and his fitness. He came to ABF in August of 2021 already very fit and extremely driven. Brett’s one of the more competitive guys in the gym. He’s quiet, but you’ll catch him keeping an eye on the other guys making sure they don’t get too far ahead or he keeps just enough of a lead on them. Give him a window to take the lead and he’ll push as hard as he can to hold it. Brett’s one of those rare breeds who can turn off the pain switch for a moment if it means pushing just a little bit harder than the next guy.


His drive was ever present when COVID struck in 2020. He did the Murph Challenge for 30 days straight and a 1,000 pull-up challenge. He destroyed his hands during the pull-up challenge to the point where he had to duct tape them just to finish. $50 worth of bandaids later, he completed the challenge.


This guy is determined and there’s no doubt in our minds he’ll accomplish anything he puts his mind to. You’ll frequently find him coming in early to work on his double unders or asking questions on how to improve his bar muscle-ups. Of which, he just decided to hop up and give them a go. Shocker, he completed a muscle up on his first try…


Congratulations Brett! Keep putting in the hard work and you’ll crush every goal you set in no time.


We look forward to Brett Bonding over your MOM WOD on Wednesday the 12th.

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