November 2021 – Member of the Month Sam Laurens

By Sean 0

Sam, originally from France, is probably one of the hardest working guys in the gym. His sister Kyria said he’s always excelled at everything he’s done, and CrossFit has been no exception. The coaches will frequently give Sam corrections or suggestions and he picks up the movement almost instantly. Even his Achilles heel the overhead squat, is coming along nicely. It’s almost frustrating how quickly he gets “it”.

Sam’s in early nearly every day to work on his weaknesses and mobility. He’s only been a member since late June but he hit the ground running and has made huge strides in our sport. Sam is extremely consistent. He’s at the gym three to five days a week, every week. He pushes himself every workout and works hard to keep up with the athletes around him who’ve been CrossFitting for years.

Sam’s an outdoor guy. He loves to be in the sun. He dabbles in Chainsaw Art. He seeks out adventures and is currently working on increasing his kiteboarding skills. Sam’s next goal is to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.

As a testament to his hard work, he’s early to bed and early to rise. In fact, he’s been known to wake up to an evening text message thinking it’s his morning work alarm. One night his Kyria sent him a text at 10pm. Sam woke up, dressed for work, and came downstairs at 11pm ready to go to work. He was confused thinking Kyria stayed up all night and text him first thing in the morning. Perhaps we should all test this by sending Sam a few evening messages??


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