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October 2020 – Member of the Month – Dan Stone

By Sean 0

CrossFit ABF is proud to announce Dan Stone as October 2020’s Member of the Month! Long overdue, we know ;)


Dan Stone has been at ABF since its inception in November 2015. He’s considered a Founding Member – more like an OG Member. There’s hardly any event at ABF that Dan hasn’t had a hand in. He’s the kindest, most innocent person Ryan knows! And if you haven’t noticed, he’s pretty freaking fit and quite the cardio master. However, it wasn’t always like that.

When Dan first started CrossFit in 2014, the coaches at his gym thought he was hopeless. I know! Pretty unbelievable! Now, it’s pretty typical to see Dan toward the top of the leaderboard on almost every metcon. You might have seen his 1000m row time of 3:23. That’s crazy!! When it comes to fitness, Dan is very serious. Probably the most serious. Maybe you’ve seen one of Dan’s diary entries under the comments section under his score that looks more like a novel than the normal weight entry. And to be honest, he’s famous for his incredible workout faces. Take a look.

All joking aside, we love his intensity and are so proud of him. He’s made amazing strides in his fitness to one of the fittest people at the gym!


Outside of working out, Dan is the most caring person. A lot of us remember our first few times at the gym being a little scared or intimidated. But Dan was always there to check in with us and see how we were doing and asking how we’re liking it. Having someone care so much when you’re new is so special and meaningful. And on behalf of many other members, thank you for caring about us in more ways than one! You made us feel special in the beginning AND you (along with Joey) are literal Game Show Extraordinaries! Dan and Joey are personally responsible for the most fun games and events that have taken place at the gym. Just imagine him in a Game Show Host Blazer and it just makes sense.

Dan is the backbone of ABF. He cares so much about the gym, and makes sure every competition and event is fair and logical. He’s such a huge part of making ABF what it is today. Really not sure where we’d be without him. We’re so grateful to have you Dan. You’re an amazing member of the gym, and we’re proud to have you! Thank you for being you!

Congratulations, Dan, for being our October Member of the Month. Please see Ryan for your MOM prize pack. And look out for Dan’s MoM WOD coming to a whiteboard near you.


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