Pietro, You can’t do that!

By Ryan 0

I dare you to tell Pietro he can’t do something. A switch flips in his mind and the pain receptors must shut off completely. He’s one of those rare people who can push themselves past the threshold of discomfort to get that last rep or squeeze in one more calorie – It’s incredible to watch.

Pietro’s frequently putting in two-a-days. He always comes to class early and stays late to work on his mobility. He’s always been strong and stubborn. Now that his technique is catching up, he’s keeping up with the most competitive athletes in the gym. He has a long way to go to reach his highly set goals but he has that stubborn strong will to get himself to the next level.

Take a look at his before and after pictures on social media and it’s easy to see the results he’s achieved.



Buy In: 100 DU


3 Rounds

90′ HS Walk

18 Bar MU+C2B


Cash Out: 100 Calorie Row

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