0302 Kids Fitness Squats

By Sean 0
April 14 2020

CrossFit ABF – Kids Fitness

Metcon (No Measure)

3-5 minutes

Alternate high knee skipping 10 m

Side shuffle 10 m

Bear crawl 10 m

Frog leaps 10m


1 down dog

1 up dog

1 spin

Practice – hollow hold & superman

superman banana


For 8-10 minutes

12 jumping jacks

6 frog leaps

3 superman bananas

1 flopee


Chalk Line

Ask child to draw up to 5 m of a continuous chalk line, which can contain straight lines, curly lines, angles as they desire. Once the continuous line is created child moves along the line in any fashion, skipping, side shuffling, dancing, hopping, running backwards, etc. When play involves multiple children, take turns one at a time, play can include each child being asked to repeat the movement pattern used by the preceding child.

Direction and difficulty can be provided such that movement must contain an element such only using one leg, or must include a jump or a spin, done backwards, with a math problem, while singing, etc.

If no chalk is available, or you cannot go outside, a long rope may be used and moved to create the desired shape to follow.

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