0318 Pushing Boxes

By Sean 0
December 04 2019

CrossFit ABF – Kids Fitness

Metcon (No Measure)


Movement Prep:

Animal walk tag (alternate each minute, alligator crawl, duck walk, frog leaps, crab walk, etc.)

Get Ready:

1:00 piriformis stretch

1:00 downward dog


Movement Practice –


Practice air squats with muscles off then muscles on.

Practice box squats with muscles on



2:00 hillbilly box prowler pushes

2:00 box hurdles

2:00 box jumps any kind but with feet launching and landing together

2:00 box squats


Distribute one piece of paper and pencil per child. Ask kids to initial and write ages on the top of the page, then draw jumping position on one side and landing position on the other. Hang the pictures in your gym and/or post to social media.

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