0820 Kids Fitness Focus

By Sean 0
July 28 2020

CrossFit ABF – Kids Fitness

Metcon (No Measure)


Using four hula hoops arranged in a square-corner pattern 10 meters apart, place 10-12 light objects in two of the hoops (use soft objects under 5#; grouping objects by color or type within a single hoop is helpful). Divide the group into two teams and upon go ask each team to switch their items to the opposite empty hoop. Teams can work for their team or against the other team by carrying objects for their team or back from the opposing team’s hoop. Complexity may be added by stopping EMOM to perform a movement.


2:00 seated hamstring stretches (with flat back)

1:00 each side calf against the wall



Review and practice hollow holds and progressions 1-3

Review and practice toes-to-bar on the floor



AMGMAP in 8:00-10:00

Side shuffle 25 meters, turn, side shuffle back

3 kettlebell deadlifts, 4kg-12kg

Walking lunge 10 meters up and back

3 pull-ups or 3 monkey swings


Dodgeball – 2 x max hollow hold if hit

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