Kaycee Cholak Found a CrossFit Family at ABF

By Corey 1890

Member of the Month (MOM) Kaycee Cholak wasn’t looking for a second family, but she found one at CrossFit ABF.

Down the Rabbit Hole…

Kaycee’s journey down the CrossFit rabbit hole began when she realized she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted from weightlifting.

“My first attempt at CrossFit was three years ago,” Kaycee says. “I did a few trial classes at a different box in St. Pete. I liked it, but I couldn’t afford it at the time. ”

Luckily, as an Account Manager for AutoLoop, she worked side by side with CrossFit ABF Alums Jeff Giere, Joey Wheeler, Brandy Cross and Sarah McCallister. The four apparently always talked about their workouts and it finally convinced her. Now, Kaycee’s been a steady CrossFit advocate for just over a year.

“I love ABF because fo the people and the atmosphere,” Kaycee explains. “My friends and coworkers are awesome and they invited me to become part of the ABF family. Everyone here is so much fun and I’m thankful for all the new friends I’ve made since joining.”

Aside from her newfound family, Kaycee’s also noticed improvements in other areas.

“My health has definitely improved while doing CrossFit. I still can’t run fast, but I can push my body to do more than I ever thought I could,” Kaycee states. “My favorite thing is the way I feel after a WOD. It sucks the whole time I’m working out, but, afterwards, I feel so accomplished!”

No sandbagging!

While Kaycee’s story is one of steady improvement, she knows CrossFit is a unique animal that some may find difficult to grasp. Her recommendation is simple: Don’t be scared.

“Don’t be afraid to push yourself!” she says. “You may be surprised at what you are capable of doing. I never thought I could lift as much as I can now. Don’t be a sandbagger, but don’t hurt yourself, either.”

While it may take time for some to acclimate to CrossFit itself, Kaycee believes there’s a simple solution to embedding into the CrossFit ABF family.

“Embrace the rainbows and unicorns. It’s who we are!”


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