CrossFit ABF Halloween WOD

October 28 2017

CrossFit ABF – CrossFit Personal Training


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP #1 – Squat Until You Vomit

Zombies: 50 Burpees

30 sec switch

Living: AMRAP of OHS 45/35lbs

1 min rest

AMRAP #2 – Trip and Die

Zombies: 150 DU/ 300 SU

30 sec switch

Living: of KB swings 53/35lbs

1 min rest

AMRAP #3 – Grab Your Wall Balls and Run for your Life

Zombies: Run 800m

30 sec switch

Living: AMRAP of Wall balls 20/14lbs

** The zombies will be the timer. As the zombies are doing there movement, the living will be trying to get as many reps as possible by time the zombies are done.

After the zombies have completed all of their reps, the teams will have 30 seconds to switch Movements. Then the zombies will do the AMRAP and the living will be the timer. After both teams have completed the AMRAP, they will take 1 min rest, then start the next AMRAP following the same rules. Continue until AMRAP #3 is complete. your team score will total # of reps completed of all three AMRAPS. **

If Zombies win: Cash out is Death buy Burpees.

If Living win: Cash out is Death by Calories.


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