David Rosales – The Man Fueled by Wakamole Tacos

By Ryan 7941

You don’t have to hang out at CrossFit ABF very long before noticing there are only a couple kinds of apparel brands for our members.

Some wear No Bull Shoes. Most have the – hometown favorite – Unicorn Tee Shirt.

But, are you really a member if you don’t own a shirt with a massive avocado on the front?

The answer to that is a resounding no.

That shirt design, by the way, belongs to the creator of CrossFit ABF’s friendly, neighborhood taco man: David Rosales.

David and his wife, Paola, are the taco extraordinaire owners of Wakamole, a taco truck that you’ll find roaming the Bay until their brick-and-mortar location opens in Clearwater. Don’t let the tacos fool you, though. David is a freak-of-nature athlete that picks up the most difficult movements with relative ease. In fact, he recently achieved Ring Muscle Up status.

“This is my third month,” he says.

Are you jealous, yet? Me, too. Don’t worry, though. David doesn’t show up just to prove he’s got more skills than everyone else.

“I was tired of going to big box gyms,” he told me. “I had been going for two years and never met one person. At ABF, I made at least five friends within one week.”

Three months isn’t a lot of time, but, even on a taco diet, David says his results have been almost immediate.

“It’s helped me to get in the best shape of my life. In these three months, I’ve lost fifteen pounds. Not only that, but I’ve build a lot of muscle,” David explains.

David’s story started the same way many CrossFit ABF members’ stories start: Groupon. He didn’t know what to expect exactly, but it turned out to be just what he was looking for. It was a fun, challenging environment that was “super friendly.”

It’s hard to imagine a man with a growing business having the time to work out – especially when that business requires him to set up all over the area. Somehow, though, David finds time to fit in some working out.

“There’s so many classes during the day,” he says. “It helps me. I’ll workout with I have a free hour.”

Wakamole’s growing success both inside and outside the gym has led to a massive demand. In fact, the “truly Mexican” taco experience will even be venturing out to Beauty is a Beast II to supply athletes and spectators with copious amounts of really good food.

“BIAB II will, hopefully, be the start of a long-term relationship. I plan on being part of as many fitness competitions as I can get in to,” says David.

He’s not only talking about the truck, either. David will compete in his first competition, Pillage of Palm Harbor, soon.

For new members, David’s recipe for success is simple.

“Give it a try. Movements may feel weird at the beginning. Heck, they even feel weird now. But, I love that you can see progress every day. The better you get, the harder it gets. I love that!”

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