Earn Humana Vitality Points at CrossFit ABF!

By Ryan 398

Earn Humana Vitality Points at CrossFit ABF!


CrossFit ABF is teaming up with Humana Insurance to become one of the first 200 health clubs across the nation to have access to Humana’s new Beacon Technology. Simply download the Humana App on your phone, then walk into ABF to receive Vitality points. The Beacon automatically verifies your presence and points are awarded within 24 hours.


Vitality Points are accrued then redeemed in Humana’s virtual Vitality Mall for products and gift cards from retailers like Apple, Amazon,  Fitbit, Garmin, Target, Under Armour, and many more.  The more points you earn, the greater the discount in the Mall. Bronze status offers a 10% discount, Silver is 20%, Gold is 30%, and Platinum is 40% off. Vitality Points may also reduce your insurance rates. Some Humana insurance programs offer benefits to members who maintain a Silver level status or above. Check with your Humana representative for eligibility details.


So who is eligible to receive these super-awesome deals? Anyone who carries Humana insurance and is a CrossFit ABF member! Simply connect your HV account to CrossFit ABF on Humana’s site and log into the smartphone app. And you’re done! Earn points every time you come to the gym.


“It’s really a unique experience, we are working on the following additional features for the Beacon check-in, which will launch in the coming months:

  • “Moments of influence” alerts to our members which participate with the Beacon check-in function:
  • Discount voucher offerings/ Gift card offerings – through our partner Spa Finder:
  • Additional check-in features such as Blood donation check-in / flu shot check-in/ weight check-in”.

-Agustin HV



*Please note: While you can currently earn Vitality points at CF ABF, the beacon technology is still in development, and is expected to roll out later this year.

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