Valerie Potucek

May 2020 – Honorable Member of the Month – Valerie Potucek

By Sean 0

The unsung hero of Crossfit ABF, Valerie Potucek is our honorable member for the month of May. She's a founding member - hooking her flag to ABF from the very beginning. And believe it or not, this woman is responsible for everything from the ABF logo, branding, marketing and any promotional graphics/material for each competition. She's an accomplished graphic designer. You may recognize some of her work:

What you may not know is that she assisted with the setup of both gym locations. Her husband built those awesome changing rooms at the old location, and he assisted with electrical for the gym at both locations.

She's almost a mirage nowadays, but have no fear, Val is always there making the gym look awesome behind the scenes.

Basically, we wouldn't be who we are without her. A giant thank you to Val for being there for the gym through thick and thin. We're forever grateful!


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