Jessie Brock

June 2020 – Member of the Month – Jessie Brock

By Sean 0

This woman right here crushed Stay-At-Home workouts! While a lot of us struggled to get our butts off the couch, Jessie saw this time as an opportunity to push her fitness to the next level.

Jessie joined ABF back in October 2019. She started with the nutrition/HITT Challenge at ABF looking to lose body fat. She walked in the door as a very tiny person, but now she's pretty shredded! Her transformation has been amazing, and we're so glad she decided to stick with it after her 6 week challenge into Crossfit. Look at her now, she successfully completed her first Murph and is one of the gym's best runners. Seriously, you should see her! She now loves running and will take up any opportunity to do so with her running buddies, Sarah, Dan and Joey!. She even competed and swept the ABF Games. Impressive to say the least!

Outside of the gym, Jessie moved to the Clearwater/St.Pete area from Orlando and works with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. She also enjoys races like the Turkey Trot and Mud Run. And best of all, she has the cutest little pup named Layla. If you're lucky, you might get the chance to meet Layla on her occasional visit to the gym.

Jessie brings such light and positivity to the gym! She has a positive attitude with every workout she does with the most infectious smile. We're lucky to have you!

Congratulations, Jessie Brock, for being our June Member of the Month. Please see Ryan for your MOM prize pack. And look out for Jessie's MoM WOD coming to a whiteboard near you.

Jessie Brock
Jessie Brock
Jessie's Dog

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