Samantha Taha

August 2020 – Member of the Month – Samantha Taha

By Sean 0

CrossFit ABF is proud to announce Samantha Taha as August 2020's Member of the Month!

Self-proclaimed CrossLIFTER, Samantha Taha came to CrossFit ABF after a long stint only powerlifting at Gorilla Bench. Usually when you hear about a powerlifter joining crossfit for the first time, you hear about them hating all things metcons or cardio. Samantha is our Unicorn. She loves metcons, and has been crushing them since we came back to the gym. To add to her Unicorn behavior, one of her favorite crossfit movements is Sumo Deadlift High Pulls. I didn't know that was allowed to be anyone's favorite until I watched her perform the movement better than anyone in class (AND with a big smile on her face). Sam is notorious for her big smile. Her happiness and positive attitude is infectious! She walks into the gym smiling, then spends the entire class having a good time. And we love her for it!

Sam's not a huge social media person, but recently she's joined to post hilarious memes, tiktoks and lifting videos for your viewing pleasure.

One thing you CAN tell is that she and Frank love their cats. Two very strong, mega lifters spend their time fostering and recording cat videos! I'm here for it.

samantha's cat

If you haven't met Sam, she floats from class time to class time. Some days she'll be at noon class, and other days she joins the best class, 7:30p. She'll be the one smiling and excited to be there!

Sam, thank you for joining us at CrossFit ABF. You're a shining light, and we can't wait to see how you progress as a CrossLifter.

Congratulations, Samantha Taha, for being our August Member of the Month. Please see Ryan for your MOM prize pack. And look out for Sam's MoM WOD coming to a whiteboard near you.


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