0906 Kids Fitness High Jumps

By Sean 0
July 22 2020

CrossFit ABF – Kids Fitness

Metcon (No Measure)


1 hop, 1 skip and a jump 10 meters

Inchworms back 10 meters

*Hop, skip and a jump is hard! Show and demo to the kids how to pause at transitions and position change. Don’t worry too much about their ability to do this well the first time through, allow for movement development practice.


1:00 cross-body arm stretch, push shoulder back while opposing arm pulls toward torso at the elbow each side

Relax shoulders then do 10 reps with pause between—pinch shoulder blades straight back rather than up



Strong Tree and Safe Shoulder review and discussion

White board pictures help!

Have kids practice Strong Tree and hold 1:00—muscles on, ribs down, tight tummy. Now put arms in overhead (OH) carry position and repeat 1:00 hold while retaining spinal neutrality.




Create an obstacle course where kids will choose chest carry, shoulder carry, or OH carry with small 4#-6# med ball, allow carry change each time through if desired. Obstacles should consist of various height boxes or plate stacks to step over or around, mat mountain consisting of piles of gymnastic matting (if available), hurdles or parallette step-overs, a 10-20-meter stretch for side shuffle, and a rotational throw to wall station at end of course where 3-5 reps can be done.


Marco Polo Dodgeball – Establish a play area approximately 10 meters x 10 meters. Designate a “Marco” and provide him or her with a soft dodgeball (eg, Gator Skin). Play begins as Marco faces a wall with eyes closed and calls out “Marco.” All other “Polo players” move around the play area and answer with “Polo” after “Marco” is called. With eyes remaining closed, Marco attempts to hit any Polo player targeted by sound localization. If a Polo player is hit he or she becomes Marco and a new round begins.


Add a focus exercise at Marco switch point, eg, 3 perfect push-ups or 3 slow squats.

Instruct Polo players to change form of locomotio

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