0917 Kids Fitness Low Squats

By Sean 0
July 20 2020

CrossFit ABF – Kids Fitness

Metcon (No Measure)


Shuttle runs – Review approach from side and tap/turn strategy.

Then for 5:00

Coach calls out alternating line touches for shuttle runs using 4 lines, 2 meters apart.


1:00 downward dog

1:00 inchworms

1:00 bottom of the squat



Review “Waiting in the Outfield” 3 positions using Simon Says




Overhead carry dodgeball or other soft ball to 10# bumper plate 10 meters up and back

Broad jump 10 meters up and back

10 box squats (align height for each individual at crease in back of knee)

10 box jumps (to same box squatted to)


Plate jump and plate Frisbee throw (use older 10# bumpers)

Create a three-plate stack. Kids line up single file to jump onto or over the stack and return to the line. Keep adding to the stack once a maximum “jumpable” number is obtained. Switch the activity to a bumper Frisbee throw for distance one at a time (mark landing with chalk to record and compare throws). Repeat, starting with jumps again.

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