1104 Childs Pose

By Sean 0
June 30 2020

CrossFit ABF – Kids Fitness

Metcon (No Measure)


PVC Maze w/bear crawl – Create a maze using PVC laid flat. Decide if you want to create a single entrance and exit (maze is run for time) or multiple entrances and exits for a (multiuser race format). Avoid creating dead ends, but do create multiple exit paths.



1:00 downward dog

1:00 child’s pose



Teach and practice bear complex with PVC, reminding kids of Movement Skill application as you go. Also make obvious adjustments to foot position for each section as needed and discuss. Start from high hang position.

Hinge back and go down to deadlift

Power clean

Front squat


Back squat




As a group (a circle or even lines will work best) and on coach’s direction, say each movement for retention and pacing

3 bear complexes

Run 100 meters


Marco Polo Dodgeball – Establish a play area approximately 10 meters x 10 meters. Designate a “Marco” and provide him or her with a soft dodgeball (eg, Gator Skin). Play begins as Marco faces a wall with eyes closed and calls out “Marco.” All other “Polo players” move around the play area and answer with “Polo” after “Marco” is called. With eyes remaining closed, Marco attempts to hit any Polo player targeted by sound localization. If a Polo player is hit he or she becomes Marco and a new round begins.


Add a focus exercise at Marco switch point, eg, 3 perfect push-ups or 3 slow squats.

Instruct Polo players to change form of locomotion, ie, lunges, bear crawl, etc.

Suggestions from Dan Q of Brand X Nashville:

Set up barriers (mats, boxes, etc.) to (1) help keep ball(s) in play and (2) minimize ball chasing by coach.

If Marco misses Polo players yell “Miss!” and Marco opens eyes to retrieve ball.

Marco can use two balls (but Polo players shouldn’t yell “Miss” until second throw also misses.

Give Marco three chances; if no hits, coach picks a new Marco.

For larger groups, set up two games or use two Marcos (but

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