Adam Swindell – Reaching new heights, with his fitness

By Ryan 0

Adam “flyboy” Swindell (okay maybe that’s not his real nickname but it totally works) has been with us for just over a year. Work moved him to the other coast for a good portion of 2018 but he stayed in shape and came back to ABF stronger than ever. Recently, a freak calf tear put his training on hold for a couple weeks. He found our local PT friend, finished rehab and has come back strong in December. He’s a staple in the noon class and always pushing his workouts as hard as possible.



Member since 11/9/17

AMRAP 15 Minutes

11 KBS 53/35lbs

90′ 1 Arm KB Farmer’s carry 53/35lbs

17 Wall ball shots 20/14lbs


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